We are so excited to have our first ice rink open! We want this space to be open for families and our community to get together, connect and have fun! Come skate, sit by the fire, and make new friends and catch up with old friends!


Ice Rink Schedule

Monday to Saturday 

  • Public Skate 12:00PM-8:00PM 
  • Shinny Hockey 8:00PM-9:00PM 


  • Public Skate 11:00AM-8:00PM 
  • Shinny Hockey 8:00PM-9:00PM

*The rink can be used for hockey anytime if no public skaters on ice*


Ice Rink Rules

  • Use the rink at your own risk
  • Do not keep valuables in the change room
  • Keep off the ice when the rink is closed 
  • No swearing. No spitting on ice. 
  • Have fun!