Build relationships that build the church.
When you serve in the church, you begin to unlock your God-given purpose in life. At Celebration Church, we make it easy for you to use your gifts and talents, all you have to do is sign up, click the link below to get started!

For more information to see what team would be right for you, look below!

Guest Experience

Interact with guests and help make the experience at church excellent from start to finish. Be the first to welcome guests as soon as they arrive, answer any questions people might have, serve up some specialty drinks and snacks, or help people find the best seats available.


Help create an atmosphere where it is easy for people to experience the presence of God, whether they are sitting in our auditorium or watching online. Operate cameras, lights, screen graphics -- no experience required. Capture photos or video, or help create digital content for social media and other platforms.

Celebration Kids

Share the Gospel with our littlest church members to help them build their faith. Interact with children through Bible stories, songs, group activities and play, or help families have a seamless check-in experience. Classrooms range in age from 4 months through grade 7.


This team of talented musicians leads the church in worship songs each week, creating an atmosphere that helps people experience God's presence. 

Office Help

Be a part of the week to week tasks and weekend preparations. From administrative help in the office to facility maintenance and improvements, there are many opportunities to serve beyond regular Sunday service times.